Author Complaint Process

Before submitting manuscripts, authors are requested to read all guidelines and policies regarding manuscript processing and publication here. How to complain? Authors have the right to complain and ask for explanations if they notice any misconduct in any applicable ethical policies and guidelines. Authors can present their complaints by sending a letter via email.

Complaint categories

An author or any other academic can raise their complaints on any issues related to: Plagiarism.

Copyright infringement. Misleading search results or wrong search results. Violations in the standard defined for research.

Conflicts of interest not realized. Bias in the review process. Manuscript processing time is extraordinarily delayed. Peer review comments are unsatisfactory. Authorship issues.

Policies related to complaints

Once a complaint is received, in principle, an acknowledgment is sent to the complainant with the guarantee that the appropriate action will be taken on the complaint within three working days, excluding the date of receipt of the complaint. The investigation process will be initiated by the magazine's management team, as instructed by the General Editor. After the investigation is complete, a meeting will be held based on the full report regarding the complaint. The decision is made and forwarded to the interested party using the email identifier used in the submission.

We view complaints as an opportunity to improve our existing manuscript processing system. All complaints received are handled politely and in a timely manner.