Author Guidelines

The journal DELOS: Desarrollo Local Sostenible only accepts original articles, not published in other journals. We accept articles presented at events, as long as this information is made available by the authors.

The guidelines for formatting and preparing originals are:

- Maximum of 20 pages:

- Allowed languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish;

- Authorship: maximum of 8 authors per article:

- Arial font size 12, line spacing 1.5;

- Figures and Tables must correspond to the text, editable, in font 10, both for the content and for the title (which must appear just above the graphic elements) and font (which must appear just below the graphic element).

- Title in Portuguese, English or Spanish, at the beginning of the file, with font 14;

- Summary or summary, accompanied by keywords and keywords, with simple spacing, just below the title;

- References must follow the rules of the American Psychological Association [APA].

- The submitted file must not contain the identification of the authors.